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Reflex are Certified Avaya Experts!

Reflex Solutions are continually striving to be up to date with certifications, but more importantly we want to demonstrate real competencies and recognition by our suppliers.  In line with this, in February we underwent a stringent set of reviews by Avaya to ascertain if we possess the skills, certifications, processes and qualified staff to be considered Avaya Experts. We passed with flying colours and are one of only three companies in South Africa to be certified as Avaya  Experts – a real feather in our cap!

The assessment consists of 26 categories, all of which have to be present and assessed on to qualify for assessment, with categories ranging from the beginning life-cycle of the sale and quoting to the installation and after sales support. We excelled in almost all of the categories and demonstrated superior skill or processes in the following areas;
Our Quoting processes – A full review to demonstrate if our quoting processes are correct and up to Avaya’s stringent standards.
Presales department – Ascertaining if we have sufficient processes in place to manage stock and stock flow. Reflex was also marked high for our after-hours support capabilities and processes.
Project management – We have the correct processes to track the project from beginning to end, schedule and manage the projects seamlessly, have sufficient checks and balances to mitigate error and are we able to track that the installations are done correctly.
Post Installation Support – Reflex were able to highlight that we have an advanced call logging system, a sophisticated CRM that is able to pre-emptively manage tickets and a proactive maintenance system that automatically logs calls for any potential future issues. Also noted was that we have multiple technicians on standby to deal with customer requests, a service that many of our competitor don’t have.
Transparent Customer Feedback – Our open lines of communication coupled with the Help Desk demonstrate a clear and easy means for customers to feedback issues and requests.

Dina El Banna of Avaya has the following to say about Reflex:
“’The small and medium enterprise are considered to be one of the key pillars of the South African economy, at Avaya we understand the needs of this segment empowering them with the collaboration tools they need to stay productive, competitive and customer focused. We are proud to add Reflex as one of Avaya’s SME expert partners, we believe that by achieving Avaya’s highest SME certification, they will be able to address the needs of this growing segment with innovative Avaya video, collaboration and networking solutions that will enable them to become the New Big enterprises of tomorrow.’

Reflex is a well-known support organization for Avaya IP office solutions. Investment and development of the support logging system, whether sales, project or technical related are integrated into the backend processes of the business. It enables Reflex employees to monitor, manage and access customer information via secure web interface to retrieve quotes, updated and review tickets and is integrated into sales process.

The ticket logging system is effective, responsive and automated to ensure that correct information is received before the ticket is assigned. Reflex has the capability to support the Avaya IP Office solutions.

Ultimately the benefit will be felt most acutely by our clients as Expert Certification status will result in more advanced support from Reflex and Avaya due to our higher standing with Avaya, response times from Avaya on technical issues and delivery will be quicker and clients will benefit from automatic features updates with upgrades.

We echo Avaya’s catch phrase “The Power of We” as we realise this is not an achievement we could have reached without our dedicated staff and you, our clients, who have demanded the highest standards of service which we have been happy to strive to achieve. So we would like to extend a big thank you to everyone who has played a part big or small. We look forward to many years of service to you as Avaya Experts



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