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PABX, Voice Lines & Telephone Systems

A business without a well-functioning PABX and voice line system is dead in the water. Client communication and supplier communication come to a halt, inter office and branch communication is hampered and this affects the bottom line.

One of our main focus areas and technical competencies at Reflex is assessing, installing, managing and maintaining PABX telephone systems for clients from small SME's through to large Enterprise companies. We have over 10 years PABX telephone system implementation and management and have deployed over 15 000+ IP Telephone handsets. We are recognised Avaya Experts as well as legacy 3Com maintenance specialists.

Avaya Partners

Reflex Solutions partners with market leaders Avaya to bring our clients:

  • Best-of-breed, industry leading products
  • Tailored solutions that are unique to the individual clients needs
  • Installation and connection of telephone systems
  • Third party management (e.g. Telkom and Neotel) for line installation
  • Monitoring and management your telephone systems and PABX voice lines after installation
  • After sales support through the Reflex Solutions Helpdesk.

Why Avaya IP Office?

Analogue switchboards are a distant memory, there have been a number of ground-breaking technology improvements in the telephony space and Reflex are perfectly positioned to leverage these for your business. Not least of which is the move from standard PABX (Private Automated Branch eXchange) to a VoIP (Voice over IP) solution such as the Avaya IP office telephone system.

PABX is an automatic telephone switching system within a company that allows for the effective management and monitoring of all telephone communications between employees and clients. With the addition of moving voice data over an IP connection through VoIP and the integration of traditional switchboard functions, a range of new features are opened to businesses.

Some of the benefits of implementing an Avaya IP Office telephone solution are:

  • VoIP PBX's open up application driven features that allow interaction with a company's data network
  • Smart forwarding of calls to cell phones and other users
  • Voice recording and voicemail-to-email capabilities
  • Simplified video calls and video conferencing
  • Voice conferencing from a user's phone

But, the biggest advantage of an IP based Telephone system is the reduction in cost, with a 20-30% average reduction in cost compared to other telephone systems. Avaya is reasonably priced and as features are virtualised costs and implementation costs are reduced. Request a quote today from us and see the cost saving

Avaya IP Office

An Avaya IP Office edition to meet every PABX need

Reflex partners with Avaya to offer various PABX telephone solutions depending on the size and requirements of each business.

Telephone Solutions for the SME:

The Avaya IP Office PABX is designed specifically for businesses of between 4 to 1000 users and delivers the same communication capabilities of large enterprises. This solution unifies communications, providing employees with a solution that allows them to handle all their business communication on the device of their choice: laptop, mobile device, office or home phone – using wired, wireless or broadband connections.

Features of the Avaya IP Office include:

  • Networking of up to 32 sites
  • 128 party conferencing
  • Voicemail
  • Multiple call support
  • Telephone management system (TMS)
  • Menu driving tools including audit trail
  • Auto call distribution to customised routes
  • Voice recording
  • Caller ID
  • Call Centre functionality.

If you are looking for a seamless PABX telephone solution, Reflex Solutions are your Avaya Reseller of choice in South Africa. Fill out the 'We'll contact you!' form on the right of the page and a sales agent will contact you within 20 minutes with more information.


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