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Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing with Microsoft Lync or Avaya's Radvision. Seamless and easy to use video conferencing.Video conferencing is no longer a novelty service for large corporates, it is a service that is now within the reach – necessary even – for small businesses.

There are a number of benefits besides the convenience and implied cost savings that come with the use of video conferencing for day-to-day business activities:

  • Reduced travelling

    “Face-to-face” video meetings that happen in your office mean that workers travel far less. This means a saving not only in time, but also in travelling expenses.

  • Better Collaboration

    Non-verbal communication accounts for up to 50% of human conversation, video conferencing helps to tap into that communication, improving collaboration between workers and interaction with  clients

  • Better decision making

    Faster, deeper and more informed decision making through the use of video conversations also translates into reduced time to market for products and services meaning more agility and competitive advantage

  • Improved time management

    Your staff will have more time to complete more tasks rather than spending that time on the road, meaning they will get more out of a day.

  • Access to dispersed resources

    Human resource is often underplayed in the South African market, video conferencing is a clear way to maximise the human and intelligence resources housed within your company.

  • Improved staff responsiveness

    Instant one-on-one interactions between clients and your support teams improve customer relations and loyalty far beyond what can be achieved over the telephone.


Quantifiable cost savings

The biggest driver for the large uptake of video conferencing in business has been the clear cost savings associated with it. Video conferencing equipment outlay and operational costs can be stacked next to travel and productivity costs with ease, demonstrating the return on investment for the video conferencing system as well as the cost savings from travel and staff productivity.

Microsoft Lync

This powerful product from Microsoft puts the tools of instant and unified communications into your hands, changing the way and speed with which you do business. Through its collaborative nature, video calling and conferencing through Lync helps your company keep the competitive edge over your competitors.


Lync can help your company in the following ways:

  • Stay connected

    No matter the device (Laptop, desktop, tablet, mobile phone, Windows, Android, iOS), Lync allows connectivity, video calls and instant messaging across all devices from anywhere. Dynamic status indicators show availability meaning contacting people at a time most convenient to them. Microsoft Lync is now also connected to Skype, meaning it is plugged into a huge existing network of registered users.

  • Deliver faster customer care

    Allowing a customer more ways to connect to you gives a greater sense of care as well as a quicker response time from your staff, building trust and loyalty in your company

  • Keep it simple

    An easy-to-use and intuitive interface means your staff will be using it in no time with less IT complexity to worry about as well.

Radvision from Avaya

Easily managed and integrated conversations from any mobile device make video conversations and conferencing convenient. Radvision from Avaya puts simple and flexible tools in your hands to communicate and collaborate.



Radvision can help your company in the following ways:

  • Stay Connected

    Connectivity between any network allows you to keep in touch with your staff and clients across platforms and across device.

  • Stability and Scalability

    Because of Radvision’s Scopia IP architecture, the system’s infrastructure is distributed throughout the network making it more redundant and scalable than many of its competitors.

  • Keep it simple

    Radvision deliver an easy-to-use video conferencing system. Radvision connects to any standard video endpoint making it easy to deploy and to interact with your clients.

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