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Network and Telephony Support and Monitoring

At Reflex, we don’t just drop equipment and run, we are committed to full after sales network support to SLA customers. This monitoring and support is across all areas of a customer’s infrastructure from connectivity to servers & switching and Call Centres.

Reflex Solutions Datacentre - for all your Network and Telephony Support and MonitoringWe include the following elements in our Network Support offering:

  • Monthly Reporting on TMS and telephone maintenance

  • Management of all systems and updates, including Adds/Moves/Changes, Updating Dial plan, Maintaining user information, replacing curly cords and software updates

  • Telephone Management System (TMS) Support

  • Support Centre assistance via Telephone

  • Remote Technical Support via Teamviewer for live proactive maintenance

In addition to this we have highly advanced call support protocols with a Guaranteed Call Resolution Response Time, giving peace of mind to our network support offering.

Telephone Management System

As part of our network support monitoring and reporting services, we offer a Telephone Management System (TMS), a proprietary application developed by Reflex to address the specific reporting needs of our clients, including:

  • Reflex Solutions Network Support - Contact us today! fill in the form to the right.Reporting on number, duration, frequency and cost of calls per extension or group

  • Management of extensions and permissions per extension and group

  • Export of reports to PDF and CSV (Excell) files

Going beyond the ordinary Network Support, Reflex will also remotely maintain user information and software updates to keep you on the most current information and software. We also replace tangled and broken curly cords to ensure a good user experience with their handsets.

Call Centre

A large part of many companies network infrastructure is the Call Centre. With a wealth of experience in setting up and maintaining Call Centres, we are perfectly positioned to offer on-going support on all our Call Centre installations and to take over existing Call Centres.

Reflex Solutions Datacentre - for all your Network and Telephony Support and MonitoringThis Call Centre support includes:

  • Maintenance of Wallboard, Supervisors

  • Reporting on various aspects of Call Centre activity

  • Storage and maintenance of Call Recordings

  • Call flow management maintenance



As with our Network Support, we have highly advanced call support protocols Guaranteed Call Resolution Response Time with resolution linked to hourly response times.

A team of dedicated and qualified technicians underpins the Network Support function. Our technicians are available through our Helpdesk and onsite should they be required.

It is this proactive approach which speaks to the success of Reflex Solutions industry leading SLA’s and works to reduce maintenance and call logging events and limits support costs to a customer.

With over 10 years experience in Networking and Network support, Reflex Solutions are your partner of choice for Network support solutions. For more information or to sign up for Network Support, fill in the form on the top right of this page and a Reflex Sales Agent will contact you within 20 minutes.



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