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Creating and Managing MySQL Databases and Database Users

 Move your mouse cursor over “Databases” then click “MySQL 5.x”.
 To create a new SQL Server database click “Create Database” button.
 If you already have a database created and want to access/import/export/manage it you can click on “Browse Database” which will log you directly into PHPMyAdmin.
 To view the server details or delete a database you can click on the database name.
 Specify database name and click “Save” button to finish the wizard.
 The next step is to create database user account and associate it with the database.
 To create database user account click “Create User” button.
 Specify username, password and then in “Databases” sections tick those databases you want to grant access for this user account.
 You could specify “Default database” as well. It’s optional field, but once selected the name of the database could be omitted from connection string of your application.
 To edit a database user you can click on the database user name. You will be able to link the user to a database, change the user password or delete the user.


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