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Creating Microsoft Solutions and Hosted Organizations and Users

 Microsoft Solutions is a container for the following service offerings:
          • Hosted Exchange
 The services are built around the presence of Active Directory User Accounts to which the service offerings are abound. The user accounts do not have any relationship or privileges for administration through the control panel solution.
 To create and Organization and Organization Users click on  Microsoft Solutions.
 After selecting the hosted organization, the owned organizations are shown.
 After selecting the organization the hosted organization service offering will be shown.
 Hosted Organization User Accounts
 When selecting “Organization’s” -> “Users”, the available and created users will be shown. In case of a new organization the list as such will be empty.

The list will show the users primary login name to the service offerings, the state, the service offerings applied and provides the ability to delete the user account as well to edit the user properties by double clicking the display name.

 Create a New User Account
 Click the button “Create New Users” in the Hosted Organization home screen. This will display the following dialog:
 The E-mail address will be based on the domains owned and registered within the Domains environment. Initially the primary domain will be shown. The E-mail address will be used as primary login name to service offerings.
 Click the “Create User” button to create the user. On the user object is created, the user properties will be displayed.
 Fill in the user details as appropriate and click “Save Changes” to persist the properties. The properties as such will be shown in the Address List once the users is mail enabled and has a mailbox assigned.
 Modify a user account
 In order to modify the user properties double click the users object within the users list.
 Delete a user account
 In order to delete a user account, click on the red cross next to the user object within the users list. Delete a user account will also delete all assets owned by a user such as a mailbox.


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