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Adding a Domain

 The starting point for adding a website or mail is adding a domain. Once a domain has been added you will then be able to provision these other services.
 After signing in you will be presented with the Hosting Spaces screen. From this screen you click on   Domains.
 Then click on “Add Domain”.
 You will then choose whether you will be adding a Top-Level Domain such as mydomain.co.za or a sub-domain such as jhb.mydomain.co.za.
 After clicking on “Domain” you can enter the domain name then click on “Get available domains”.
 Depending on the country you chose you will get a list of domains that are available for registration. If the domain you were looking for is not in the list then it is not available.
 Select the domain you wish to register. Under the Provisioning Options you can choose to create a website or point the new domain to a website you already have. By default “Enable DNS” is selected which will add this domain to our DNS server which is required when registering a new domain.
 If you choose to add a sub-domain you will need to specify the sub-domain name based on an existing domain. You can then choose whether a website will be provisioned based on this sub-domain. In the example below the following website will be created www.jhb.mydomain.co.za.


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