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Managing POP email accounts

 Adding/Editing/Deleting a POP mail account
 To add POP email accounts you need to move your mouse cursor over “Pop Mail” then click on “Accounts”.
 Click on “Create Mail Account”.
 Enter the first part of the email address ten select a domain name from the dropdown list. Enter the desired password and then confirm the password. The mail box size will be limited to 100MB per email account. The rest of the options are not required in order to create the account. Once all the required information has been entered click “Save”.
 To edit an email account, click on the email account.
 You will be able to edit any of the fields seen below with the exception of the email address. If you wish to delete the email account then click on “Delete”. This will delete the account and all emails within the account and this can’t be undone.
 Adding/Editing/Deleting POP mailbox aliases
 To add POP email aliases you need to move your mouse cursor over “Pop Mail” then click on “Mail Aliases”.
 Click on “Create Mail Aliases”.
 Enter the email address that will be the alias. The “Forwards to e-mail” field will be the mailbox that the emails will be delivered to.
 Editing/Deleting Mail Domains
 To edit mail domains you need to move your mouse cursor over “Pop Mail” then click on “Domains”.
 To edit a mail domain click on the domain name.
 You will be able to add a pointer domain. If this is enabled then any mail sent to another domain in your hosting package will be sent to the domain you are currently editing. To set a Catch-All account select an available email account or alias from the drop down list. A Catch-All account will receive all emails addressed to any email account name that is not an actual mailbox or alias. A smart host is a destination server that you will redirect all emails to. Once you have made all your required changes click “Update”.
 To delete a mail domain you can click on “Delete”. You will only be able to delete a mail domain if there are no email accounts or aliases linked to the mail domain. These would have to be deleted prior to deleting the mail domain.


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