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Hardware & Software

In order for us to supply you with a complete solution we are able to offer you a wide range of hardware and software licencing as well as all the peripherals you may need.

Desktops & Notebooks

As Reflex is a full turnkey Networking and Telecommunications service provider we also supply desktops and notebooks as part of our full service packages. We supply all major brands to all levels of customers. What differentiates us from others is that our experienced technicians also set up, maintain and support these machines after installation, giving you peace of mind.

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Storage and retrieval of information has become one of the key aspects of IT and IT infrastructures for all sizes of business. As such, Reflex has designed Server hosting solutions that are optimised to not only improve and streamline your server and hosting needs, but also to optimise our key differentiators – that we supply impeccable support and Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) to all our clients. We specialise in HP server installation, but are equally equipped to install and maintain other major brands.

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While we prefer to install and implement complete solutions, we also supply IT and telecommunications hardware. Our skilled Sales and Account Managers are able to assess and recommend new and replacement equipment as well as additional equipment to implement with existing infrastructures.

In addition to stand alone equipment, Reflex also offer two storage options: First is a bundled package Network Access Servers (NAS) offering, this is an offering that gives an all-in-one out the box solution for file storage. Everything is included in the package with no mess and no fuss.

We also offer iSCSI Storage Area Networks (SAN), which centralises and consolidates storage. This option gives a better cost of ownership and because it is a consolidated option, it is more cost effective. Another benefit is the use of thin provisioning, whereby a process of monitoring used space, additional information can be stored on the network that is greater than the initially allocated storage space.

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Microsoft are highly recognised in the IT Industry and so Reflex are proud to be Microsoft certified partners with a Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA). We are also Microsoft Certified Silver Partners.

The SPLA enables hosting providers and ISVs with a hosted offering, like Reflex Solutions, to license Microsoft products on a monthly basis to provide services and hosted applications to their end customers. This licensing program is designed based on direct feedback from hosting providers.

The benefits of going with a SPLA licence are that you get the most current versions of Microsoft products without having to upgrade and regularly re-licence it yourself, a flexible cost structure that allows you to use and pay for what you need when you need it and pricing stability as there is one only monthly fee rather than a large outlay once a year.

In terms of Microsoft Licencing, we offer two options: Open Volume Licencing (OVL) where the outright purchase of Microsoft products can be split up over a three year period on a limited number of users licences. Alternatively we also offer Open Volume Licencing Subscriptions (OVLS) which gives you access to Microsoft products and licencing, with the option of upgrading to the latest versions when you need if Software Assurance is added to the agreement.

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Installing and maintaining IT and Telecommunications is only useful if staff and office workers are trained to use the equipment. At Reflex we take the customer experience of our services and solutions very seriously and do full in-house training for all hardware and software that we supply.
This training includes all Microsoft Office applications, telephone Management System (TMS) training, Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) training, PABX training, Voice recording training, and many others

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