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Last Mile

Connectivity: Data from Y-Z with Reflex Solutions Last mile offerings: ADSL, Direct Fibre, Diginet, Wireless 3G, Failover, Webfiltering


For companies that need permanent connection to the internet and fast download speeds, ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) is the solution. ADSL is a family of technologies that provides a digital connection between your local telephone exchange and an office user's telephone using existing analogue telephone copper cabling to provide an ‘always on’ internet connection for one monthly fee.

Reflex Solutions offers this last mile technology to users as a faster option for download speeds translating into higher productivity and quicker turn-around times. Nonetheless, it is a capped offering and the latency remains reasonably high, meaning it is less than ideal for any business larger than a SOHO (Small Office/Home Office).

Direct Fibre
Rather than relying on other third party vendors and suppliers to connect you to the Reflex Infrastructure, we can offer a fibre cable option directly from your premises to Reflex Solutions or between branches or sites.

Diginet is a dedicated point-to-point data services that supports digital voice and video signals, it provides dedicated connectivity and is ideal for customer data networks that require reliable 24-hrs a day bandwidth. Diginet is a constant bit-rate service which means it provides guaranteed bandwidth speeds between any preselected destinations and because Diginet uses a private network topology – customers do not share bandwidth – there is no congestion created by other users on the same network.

Reflex Solutions positions the Diginet service to connect the internal and external networks of SME’s combining this cost-effective option with quality products and reliable all round performance. This offering also allows users to do disaster recovery and backups, as well as running Voice over IP (VoIP) and least cost routing (LCR), meaning that this offering also opens up a whole new range of services for the customer.

Wireless 3G
Mobile Service Providers have not traditionally offered flexible wireless and 3G options, often locking customers into fixed term contracts, but as a licenced re-seller of MTN and Vodacom, Reflex Solutions is able to offer a monthly per meg billing option on 3G sim cards.

3G is ideal for mobile workers or as a backup solution and it allows for a pay-as-you-use service.

Firewall Services
An important part of the Reflex Solutions infrastructure is the firewall, a set of devices designed to permit or deny access to the network. The permission to access is based on a set of rules laid out to protect the network environment from unauthorised access.

Reflex Solutions understands the importance of protecting one’s infrastructure and data from outside threats and therefore partner with best-of-breed service providers to bring quality protection to customers remotely accessing the Reflex infrastructure. We provide comprehensive firewall services for both physical and virtual environments using Failover, Web Filtering, VPN’s and MPLS’s.

Failover is a set of products that add resilience to environments by implementing a secondary backup should the first become unavailable or inoperable.

In terms of Connectivity failover, Reflex offers different options to facilitate failover: ADSL, 3G, Diginet, Broadlink, Wireless with fibre. These options are all automated, requiring no manual intervention and we do an audit of needs to ensure the right combination of proprietary and failover systems are in place to fit the business.

Web Filtering
Millions of Rand’s in productivity losses are not addressed in the South African business landscape because of a failure to regulate staff’s use of Social Media and other web content in the workplace.

Web filtering is the process of limiting access to web content, stopping staff visiting sites that are deemed non-work related. Three benefits of web filtering is that it maximise bandwidth by reducing the number of sites being visited in a work day, an increase in productivity by restricting non-work related surfing and greater protection by restricting access to websites that are more likely to be malicious.

The first step to addressing productivity loss is to develop a business cyber loafing policy to set expectations – web filtering within this policy is vital. Computer time measurement and regular reporting in support of a clear policy is also necessary.

In support of these policies and to circumvent outside threats to a company via the internet, web filtering incoming information allows companies to limit access to websites which are irrelevant to the business. 

Software systems that Reflex are licenced to deploy, such as Microsoft Forefront, deliver a comprehensive solution to protect users, support company policy and enable secure access virtually anywhere.
Spam Filtering
Join with web filtering… Spam Filtering is web filtering for emails. Stop potential harmful or non-business related therefore bandwidth saving and time saving.


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