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Moving to the Cloud brings peace of mind with IT services: For a fixed monthly cost you will be able to have a service delivered that will remove the need for capital expenditure (Capex) on equipment, in addition to this you will have access to a vast array of skills without having to manage them in-house. A company can have access to systems on a pay-as-you-go and pay-as-you-grow models that includes server infrastructure, remote storage, software licensing and infrastructure, all at a fraction of the cost of a standard in-house implementation. In addition, backups and disaster recovery are taken care of.

In addition to the raw computing power you can purchase to run your business applications we supply a number of software applications as a complete service.

Some of the Cloud applications we provide:

Web Hosting

Cloud: Web hosting - the A-Z of website and domain Hosting Not only can Reflex Solutions host your domain and website, we can also assist in the searching, setting up and registration of your domain, offering a ‘Whois’ and DNS service.

Whois is a means of ascertaining if the domain name that you want to use is available or is already in use by someone else. We will help you with securing your web address or moving an existing address to Reflex.

For information on different ‘off the shelf’ options, click here. To sign up for these services, click here.

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Microsoft SharePoint


Cloud: Microsoft Sharepoint logoSharePoint is a product that provides a platform for a company to share ideas and expertise amongst their team, improving collaboration and productivity. It does this by allowing for the customisation of documents, forms and other solutions specific for business needs and storing them in one centrally accessible location. read more

Microsoft CRM (Customer Relationship Manager)

Microsoft Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) logo. Microsoft Dynamics CRMManaging relationships and communications with customers is of paramount importance to any business, and Reflex Solutions partner with Microsoft to being you Microsoft Dynamics CRM – a set of out-of-the-box business management tools that help leverage Sales, Marketing and customer service. These tools can be bought on a per-user based model or rented at a low monthly cost.

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Hosted Microsoft Exchange

Cloud: Hosted Microsoft Exchange - Control CostsWe expect email to work 100% of the time, no questions asked. But sometimes it doesn’t and especially for small companies keeping a 99.9% uptime is difficult and expensive.

A hosted email solution with a reputable company offers an extremely reliable email service without all of the headaches and costs. Reflex Solutions offers a reliable and cost effective solution through Microsoft Hosted Exchange. We have invested in a scalable and secure datacenter which already handles thousands of email accounts, assuring quality of service and giving you peace of mind.

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Offsite Backup

Cloud: Offsite Backup - Reflex Solutions State-of-the-art Datacentre for all hosting requirementsReflex Solutions’ safe and secure A-grade server room environment provides the perfect platform for providing an offsite backup solution. Because of continuous monitoring, proactive alerts and rollbacks in the event of a failure your site will be operational within hours.

The advantages of using our server room as an offsite backup are huge, as the backup would be run on your existing connectivity to Reflex.

This means that there are no hardware costs, downtime is done away with, costly data loss is eliminated, there is no user intervention and most importantly, the data sits off site. This ensures security in the event of a fire or hardware theft. read more

Mail Archiving

Cloud: Mail Archiving - Get your e-mail sorted!Get rid of those pesky PST files, organised and easy-to-access mail archiving is necessary not only for good record keeping, but also for many other reasons in all businesses such as compliance and best practice. Reflex offers two ways to manage mail archiving.
1. Via hosted exchange on the Cloud or
2. Onsite in the Reflex Datacentre using Microsoft Exchange. read more

Microsoft Lync

Cloud: Microsoft Lync logo. Colaboration, Unified Communication.Collaboration, presence, voice – these are the core ideas behind Microsoft Lync, to let people collaborate, be present and talk to colleagues and clients via video chats and conferencing, Instant Messaging (IM), status updates and location settings. Microsoft Lync includes; IM and presence across firewalls, Online meetings with desktop sharing, Activity feeds, Contact photos, Click to communicate from Office contact cards, instant connection to other Lync users.

Reflex hosts this powerful product on a virtual server and can also implement Lync onsite for our customers. read more

Team Foundation Server

Cloud: Team Foundation Server - Microsoft Visual Studio logo A Team Foundation Server offers a platform for developers to test applications without having to have the infrastructure on their site to do so. This platform allows project tracking and the storage of key data. In addition, this information is used to continue the development of the Reflex Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) system. read more

Firewall Services

Cloud: Firewall Services - Virtual protection for your important information An important part of the Reflex Solutions infrastructure is the firewall, a set of devices designed to permit or deny access to the network. The permission to access is based on a set of rules laid out to protect the network environment from unauthorised access.

Reflex Solutions understands the importance of protecting one’s infrastructure and data from outside threats and therefore partner with best-of-breed service providers to bring quality protection to customers remotely accessing the Reflex infrastructure. We provide comprehensive firewall services for both physical and virtual environments using Failover, Web Filtering, VPN’s and MPLS’s. read more

Web Filtering. Millions of Rand’s in productivity losses are not addressed in the South African business landscape because of a failure to regulate staff’s use of Social Media and other web content in the workplace.

Web filtering is the process of limiting access to web content, stopping staff visiting sites that are deemed non-work related. Three benefits of web filtering is that it maximise bandwidth by reducing the number of sites being visited in a work day, an increase in productivity by restricting non-work related surfing and greater protection by restricting access to websites that are more likely to be malicious.

The first step to addressing productivity loss is to develop a business cyber loafing policy to set expectations – web filtering within this policy is vital. Computer time measurement and regular reporting in support of a clear policy is also necessary.

In support of these policies and to circumvent outside threats to a company via the internet, web filtering incoming information allows companies to limit access to websites which are irrelevant to the business. read more

Microsoft Service Provider Level Agreement (SPLA) Licencing

Cloud: Microsoft Service Provider Level Agreement. Reflex Solutions are registered Microsoft Partners Reflex Solutions is a registered Microsoft Service Provider and so we are able to offer customers to whom we supply equipment Service Provider Level Agreements in conjunction with this equipment. This includes a Microsoft rental agreement on all Microsoft Office products that we offer. read more


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