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Advanced Hardware Replacement

Advanced Hardware Replacement: Extend and Upgrade Standard Product Warranties with Reflex Solutions Advanced Hardware ReplacementA standard product warranty on hardware is often insufficient to cover the periods that a business requires to get the full life-cycle value out of their hardware and equipment. On the opposite end of the spectrum, replacement of malfunctioning equipment or parts broken in the normal running of business can, in some cases, total more than the value of a whole or section of a system. These unforeseen problems often dent or halt a company’s cashflow and disrupt productivity during the period of replacement or repair if cashflow doesn’t allow for an immediate replacement.

As such, there is a business case for Advanced Hardware Replacement, extending the standard warranties of products and services. Reflex Solutions offer an Advance Hardware Replacement option on many of the standard hardware warranties offered by the hardware supplier. This Advanced Hardware Replacement extends the life cycle of these warranties to encompass the desired life span of your hardware; giving peace of mind should disaster happen in outside of the standard warranty time.

Not only do we offer the Advance Hardware Replacement warranties when equipment malfunctions, but we also offer onsite technical support through our trained and certified network technicians who assess and replace equipment in the shortest time possible.

In the event of a malfunction, the Reflex Solutions Advanced Hardware Replacement process is to:

  • Consult with the client on the problem

  • Diagnose the fault

  • Identify what equipment needs to be replaced

  • Identify if the equipment is within Standard warranty or Advanced Hardware replacement

  • Liaise with the client regarding potential downtime

  • Order replacement equipment

  • Install replacement equipment

Despite the number of steps in the process, the time between a problem occurring and resolution is short and fits within best practice models and is designed to ensure a maximum uptime on all systems. We take pride in quick turnaround times and a ticketing and tracking system that allows us to monitor the progress of all hardware replacements.

The Reflex Solutions Advanced Hardware Replacement is backed up by HP Support Contract Services ensuring peace of mind and the highest standard of customer satisfaction.

Client satisfaction is our foremost goal – system stability and your peace of mind through extended warranties on hardware help us get there.


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