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Backup to Virtual Servers

Backup to Virtual Servers: Keep Your Information Safe with Reflex Solutions Backup to Virtual ServersBackup of data, for restoration in times of disaster recovery or to restore a system to a previous state, varies depending on the size of your business. Backup to an onsite server or to an offsite datacentre will suffice for small businesses where for a large to enterprise size business, large backup with a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection to an offsite datacentre or the construction of an onsite server room may be necessary.

Reflex offer the following backup options:

  • Onsite server backup installation
  • Offsite backup to the Reflex Datacentre
  • Onsite backup to tape

To alleviate pressure and optimise upload and download speeds, not all data is sent for storage, only highly relevant or pre-defined data is extracted for storage. Reflex uses various methods to optimise the backup procedure, taking into consideration live data sources, open files, size of data to be backed up and geographic location. We further optimise the process by compressing, encrypting and ensuring there are no duplicates of information being sent.

Many businesses believe that backup constitutes a disaster recovery plan, however, this is not the case as restoring only the backed up information will not necessarily reconstitute a computers systems as many configurations and information may not be part of the backup. As such, Reflex offers backup as part of a disaster recovery plan rather than a solution in itself, ensuring complete infrastructure security.

The high cost of business continuity solutions have often deterred SME’s from implementing one, however, in recent years cloud backup has drastically changed the backup landscape by driving down the price of backup per gig while improving security as the data is stored offsite on a secure virtual server. Backup and business continuity solutions are now more affordable than ever. An added bonus of cloud computing and cloud backup is that the backup can be managed and monitored from multiple locations. This not only provides the necessary secure backup, it also removes the headache, time to manage and cost involved in using proprietary hardware, as the server is virtual.

For larger SME’s we also offer backup onto tape and physical space in our datacentre, dependant on need. For enterprise level clients, we offer a variety of solutions, including backup to tape, backup to virtual servers and backup to physical servers in our datacentre.


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