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Business Continuity Solution

Reflex offers clients business continuity coupled with business disaster recovery, so there is no need for separate strategies for these two crucial elements. We are able to use the same backup server for both, which results in cost savings for the client.

Business Continuity: Reflex Solutions Seats + Offsite Backup + Strategy = Business Continuity Disaster can strike a business at any time – cable theft, rolling loadshedding, flooding or fire at your premises, etc. – threaten the continued productivity, and profitability, of your business and staff, so Reflex Solutions offer a comprehensive strategy and business continuity solution. Made up of an audit and planning as well as a physical solution, we guide and implement a business continuity solution that fully considers your business needs, can be quickly implemented and isn’t hard on your bottom line.

After a full audit of current business continuity solutions and strategies, Reflex can offer customers a number of business continuity options ranging from simple data backup solutions to a full disaster recovery solution and a Physical Seats Business Continuity solution.

In the small and medium enterprise (SME) market, most companies have traditionally not even considered business continuity solutions, because of their high cost, but thanks to the advent of cloud computing, it is now possible to backup your information to a virtual server. This not only provides the necessary backup, it also removes the headache around hardware compatibility, since the server is virtual.

One solution that separates our offering from the crowd is physical seats in Reflex’s own Business Continuity Centre. We also provide offsite backups and strategy development to assist the client in leading the business continuity process.

The Physical Seats Business Continuity solution includes the following:

  • Audit of current business continuity solutions

  • Full disaster recovery strategy

  • Offsite Cloud backup of client data

  • Cubicles and seats for up to 20 staff members

  • Laptops for each staff member for up to 20 staff members

  • Telephones for each staff member for up to 20 staff members

  • Internet access through the Reflex Network infrastructure

  • Access to all services the client hosts with Reflex Solutions

  • Technical assistance from Reflex technicians

Because this Business Continuity Centre service is aimed largely at existing clients, the equipment in the centre is similar to that which a customer would normally use. In the event of a voice network failing from for e.g. cable theft or offices being made unavailable due to renovation, time is not wasted getting the team up to speed on an unfamiliar system.

Reflex’s backup solution provides backup into the cloud instead of onto tape. This allows incredibly quick restore times on to any virtual infrastructure. Coupled with our ability to offer clients physical seats, our solution makes for an affordable option when businesses plan for the worst.

In addition to providing our customers with seats in the Reflex Solutions Business Continuity Centre and supplying combined offsite backups to the cloud and planned strategy, the additional seats offering is a major boost to clients business continuity strategies.

In the Reflex Business Continuity centre we can offer access to Reflex Solutions hosting infrastructure, Call centre software, Call recording functionality, Multifunction printers and Faxing Services, Network cabling infrastructure, Air-conditioning and all necessary furniture. The Centre can be ready within a few hours to ensure the least amount of interrupted time.

Business Continuity Strategy

Business Continuity: A good ICT Strategy = Think, Plan, Manage - Let Reflex Solutions help youth your Business Continuity StrategyAn organisation, regardless of its size, needs to be in a position to continue its business in the event of an unplanned incident that derails business functionality. Many companies consider onsite and offsite backups to be a business continuity or disaster recovery plan, but this is really not the case as there are a number of elements that make up a water tight business continuity or disaster recovery plan.

To ensure a complete business continuity or disaster recovery plan the following are just some of the points that need to be taken into consideration:

  • Detailed strategy outline and listed responsible persons

  • Contingency plans for damaged/stolen hardware

  • Emergency premises for staff

  • Interim measures for electricity are all necessary

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Voice Lines

Dynamic Call Routing with Reflex Solutions Business Continuity SolutionsIn many Business Disaster situations, the client’s primary means of contact – the telephone voice line or call centre number – becomes unavailable, making a bad situation worse. Reflex Solutions has built a unique solution around primary voice line failures by a system of re-routing your primary voice line in the event of a disaster.

In the event of a primary voice line failure, Reflex Solutions are able to ensure that we can still route your current Telkom 0860 number into your PABX in such a way the clients will not even know there is a problem. Reflex Solutions has a number of 086 numbers in operation as a secondary route for these situations and a customer’s site would failover to these numbers to be answered wherever it is needed.

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Hardware Replacement

Extend and Upgrade Standard Product Warranties with Reflex Solutions Advanced Hardware ReplacementReflex Solutions Advanced Hardware Replacement allows customers to extend and upgrade standard product warranties so that in the event of fault or failure, Switches, Servers, Storage, PBX’s and Phones will be back up and running when you need them.

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Keep Your Information Safe with Reflex Solutions Backup to Virtual ServersBacking up data for use to restore information in a disaster recovery situation or to restore your system to a previous state for whatever reason is at the heart of all Business Continuity plans. Reflex Solutions offer a number of options for backup solutions from offsite backup in our datacentre to installation and maintenance of backup servers onsite.

We do this in conjunction with a full business continuity strategy and with the client’s needs and current infrastructure in mind. Clients with large backup needs will have a different plan and best practice model to those with a smaller infrastructure and needs.

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